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This is a good ignition. The Scuderi Engine and the split-cycle

The Scuderi Engine cleared another major development hurdle last week after engineers successfully fired the engine for the first time, achieving the split-cycle engine’s revolutionary concept of firing after top dead center.

split-cycle scuderi engine

split-cycle scuderi engine

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Engineers at the independent laboratory building the engine will continue further testing and adjustments for the next several weeks in order to fine tune the engine so it can reach its maximum efficiency levels. Engine maps, test data and other performance measurements are being made available to the global automotive community under non-disclosure agreements.

The one-liter, naturally aspirated gasoline prototype potentially produces up to 80 percent fewer toxins than a typical internal combustion engine. When fully developed with its turbocharged and Air-Hybrid components, the engine is expected to achieve significant gains in fuel efficiency – the most since the inception of the Otto cycle over 130 years ago. The original Scuderi Engine was designed and invented by Carmelo Scuderi (1925-2002).

Scuderi split-cycle technology is significant because it gives automotive OEMs an immediate solution for complying with higher emissions and efficiency standards going into effect around the world – without having to make large investments to modify current production processes. The Scuderi Group expects further advancement of the technology once the greater engineering community begins working with the engine, making their own modifications that will most likely take the efficiency to even higher levels.

“This marks another great moment for the engine and our world-class team working on its development,” said Sal Scuderi, president of the Scuderi Group. “It’s great to be able to share this milestone with those who have been following our development and who have showed overwhelming interest since we first introduced this concept and design over three years ago. Now that we have reached this point, we strongly encourage automakers to take advantage of the opportunity that the Scuderi Engine presents to produce more fuel-efficient engines.”

The Scuderi Engine is a split-cycle design that divides the four strokes of a conventional combustion cycle over two paired cylinders: one intake/compression cylinder and one power/exhaust cylinder. By firing after top-dead center, it produces highly efficient, cleaner combustion with one cylinder and compressed air in the other. Unlike conventional engines that require two crankshaft revolutions to complete a single combustion cycle, the Scuderi Engine requires just one. Besides the improvements in efficiency and emissions, studies show that the Scuderi Engine is capable of producing more torque than conventional gasoline and diesel engines.

With the naturally aspirated engine up and running, the Scuderi Group and its independent laboratory continue to work on the next prototypes. Completion of the turbocharged Scuderi Engine and the Scuderi Air-Hybrid are expected in 2010.

About The Scuderi Group Based in West Springfield, Mass., USA, with offices in Frankfurt, Germany, the Scuderi Group is a research and development company focused on proliferating its technology through R&D and licensing. Its revolutionary Scuderi Engine technology, when fully developed, is expected to be the most significant improvement in engine efficiency in over 130 years. The Scuderi Group’s global patent portfolio contains more than 200 patents including 72 issued in more than 50 countries. For more information call 1-413-439-0343 or visit

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