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Some pictures from the IAA 2009 in Frankfurt

As the book ‘ Springtime for Germany: or How I learned to Love lederhosen’  discusses, I decided to spend my holidays in Germany. After hiring a car in Düsseldorf, we drove 1800 km around Deutschland, including Hambur, Celler, Braunsweig, Melzungen, and visiting the 2009 edition of the IAA in Frankfurt.

I have been present in the rise of electric and hybrid vehicles between nearly all the main automobile manufacturers and I would like to share the images that have shocked me more. I hope you enjoy them aswell, you have still time to visit the Messe until next weekend.

BMW Efficient Dynamics? Nice for the fair, but difficult to produce I guess

BMW's concept car

BMW bet for Mini's Electric engine

BMW bet for Mini's Electric engine

HAMANN Customization of Mercedes SLR. Good example of craft manufacturing

HAMANN Customization of Mercedes SLR

Zonda Roadster from Pagani Automobili. Can you die-press that shape from a metal sheet? Let me know

Zonda Roadster from Pagani Automobili

Very nice piece of Mechatronics

Very nice piece of Mechatronics

Melkus, what a baroque car, but no cash in my pocket for buying it in site


Hyunday Electri System is not bigger than a suitcase. Believe me

Hyunday Electri System is not bigger than a briefcase

The concept car from Hyunday

Hyunday's concept car

Opel Ampera? I can not remember this one

Opel Ampera

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