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AQSENSE enhances 3D again with SAL3D 8.4

Sticking to their slogan and target of enhancing 3D. The Girona based company has released the new version of SAL3D, the core package of a series of tools aimed to make of quality inspection a reality.

What is more important, with this new release, AQSENSE confirms it presence in the international market for vision systems, making sure that SAL3D is up to date for the new customer requirements and fulfill the expectatives that 21st century manufacturing companies have placed in vision systems.

SAL3D is the new software architecture from AQSENSE for range map and point cloud processing, fully oriented to 3D machine vision applications, mainly for 100% parts inspection and production automation.

SAL3D offer speed, accuracy, and reliability that comes only from extensive experience in the field of 3D. SAL3D is perfect for OEM’s, system integrators, and volume end users that demand maximum flexibility and customization capabilities in a 3D machine vision system.

SAL3D 3D shape analysis library 8.4

SAL3D 3D shape analysis library 8.4

SAL3D allows both existing and new 3D vision algorithms to be incorporated in this library. Tools can be integrated as DLL’s that allow developers access to third party components usable side by side with Arinna’s tools resulting in rapid development of highly complex processing tasks.

Some of library’s features are:

    • Easy to use C++ components usable on most commercially available C++ compilers.

    • Hardware acquisition independence through the use of frame grabber drivers.

    • Open architecture able to extend Arinna’s algorithms with custom and third party components.

    • Simple examples to help the developer speed up in using SAL3D’s tools.

    • Extensive on-line documentation of all libraries.

SAL3D is a 3D vision library of easy to use tools that helps the development of powerful industrial applications for quality control based on the processing and analysis of organized 3D data.

    This release includes four tools:

    • Peak Detector tool

    • Match 3D tool

    • Merger tool

    • Metric Calibration tool

Evaluation trial available in the Downloads section from AQSENSE web page.

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