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Favorite subjects

These are my favorite subjects and disciplines that I am interested in and willing to learn more about. The area enclosed between those represents my field of interest. By deploying my transferable skills in my field of interest is how I am looking to develop my career.


What I am good at:

My talents and unique transferable skills whose I am passionate about using. Priority listed

Building and Making :

Constructing with the available resources at hand (materials & tools), especially if these objects involve electronics, hardware and/or software. Fixing for returning or increasing previous value.

Engineering :

Operating in an environment where abstract and empirical reasoning/principles as well as factual activities are needed for realizing solutions.

Learning :

And understanding quickly. Acquiring the overall as well as the in-deep necessary knowledge and skills (principles, strategies, etc.).

Improving and Adapting :

Improving “things” and “ways of doing things” based on fact/data analysis, functioning, performance and value adding (to the process/to the product). Adapting those to new requirements.

Working with people :

Brainstorming, communicating, assigning/receiving tasks, collaborating and respecting decisions and points of view of people working with me.

Evaluating :

Things and ways of doing things (products and processes) with high precision. From its features, uniqueness, performance and fitness for purpose.

Planning :

Laying out a step by step process for achieving a goal. Constantly working towards the goal, adapting the plan to current circumstances/requirements.

Pablo Cebrian Electronic Telecoms and Mechatronics MsC

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